Affiliate Marketing In India : What, Why And How

Have you heard about Affiliate marketing? If you have and are just starting out being an affiliate in India, this post will give you a complete overview of affiliate marketing landscape in India. But first, let us understand what is Affiliate Marketing – The business of marketing third party products on your website, and being recompensed for each purchase, sale, click or revenue generated by visitors who have reached the Seller through your advertisements, vouchers or other incentives on your website, is generally known as ‘Affiliate Marketing’. Scope in India? Although it may be at its nascent stages in India, the advantages of affiliate marketing, its low cost and high benefit for both merchants and affiliates, the slowly growing number of service providers offering their expertise for setting up affiliate marketing programs, software and network, increase in internet penetration in India, the growing craze and convenience of ecommerce companies – all factors go to show that Affiliate Marketing (when embarked upon after carrying out due diligence by both merchants and affiliates) will only earn more beneficiaries with the time to come. Author’s View Affiliate Marketing is the most cost effective and viral channel of marketing for E-Commerce companies. They just pay for the transactions that the affiliates brings, unlike other channels where they need to pay for each view or click irrespective of the transactions. Above all, advertisers indirectly get a lot of exposure to the affiliate’s marketing activities at various channels as affiliates pushing the advertiser’s content to generate more sales. Also each affiliate has his / her own set of ideas and thus I call affiliate marketing as one most effective “crowd” sourced method of marketing.
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